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My top 3 writing tips for new writers!

As an author, one of the things I'm asked the most is 'what are are your top writing tips for new writers?'. Here are my three top bits of writing advice.

1. Persevere!

There’s a lot of competition in the publishing industry, and luck and timing plays a huge role in which stories ‘make it’. One thing all writers experience is rejection and failure. It’s a huge part of the job, even when you start to make money. Learning to keep going despite failure is one of the most important skills you can develop! Persistence is more important than talent!

2. Read Lots!

All writers need to read! Reading is vital because it will inspire you. Just as importantly, by reading you will start to intrinsically pick up the way that stories and writing work. This is so helpful for when you sit down to write your own books.

3. Start now!

If you want to be a writer there’s no time like the present. You may get lucky and sell something you write! But if you don’t you will gain so much from the experience of writing a book. And that will give you a head start when you’re working on your next project.

What are your top writing tips? Let me know in the comments!

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LAUREN PALPHREYMAN is a writer based in London. She is best known for her supernatural teen romance series, Cupid's Match, which has accumulated over 50 million hits online and was published by Wattpad Books / Penguin Random House, October 2019. Find her on Instagram @LaurenPalphreyman and on Twitter @LEPalphreyman.

Get hold of her debut, Cupid's Match, here!


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