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LAUREN PALPHREYMAN is an author based in London.

She is best known for her supernatural teen romance series,

Cupid's Match, which accumulated over 50 million hits online, was developed into a pilot episode for CW Seed, and is published in the US/Canada (Wattpad Books) and the UK (Penguin Random House) - as well as translated in French, German, and Spanish. She is part of Wattpad's social influencer programme, the Wattpad Stars, where she has written for brand campaigns, spoken on a panel at London Wattcon, and is featured in Writer's Digest's 'Writer's Guide to Wattpad'. She writes serially online and her content has amassed over 60 million hits to date. Lauren spends her days writing, drinking coffee, and  plotting for cupid world domination! As a huge fan of Marvel and big blockbuster franchises, her life's ambition is to create a fictional, multimedia universe for fans to enjoy and explore.

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