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M Y  S E R I A L  F I C T I O N

I write serially on storytelling app Wattpad where my content has accumulated over 60 million hits and I have over 100k subscribers. Find me @LEPalphreyman.

D E V I L S  I N C.

YA Good Omens x Buffy. When Rachel accidentally exchanges her soul for free WIFI she ends up interning at Devils Inc.. Soon snarky angels, badboy omens, and dangerous demons are the least of her worries. Because someone has triggered the Apocalypse.

C U P I D ' S  M A T C H

Percy Jackson x Vampire Diaries. Mythological mayhem ensues when Cupid joins Lila's high school  in search of his match. Now published.

A  C I R C U S  O F  I N K

If Daenerys was the lead in Fahrenheit 451. An adult fantasy romance set in a world where books are forbidden, a girl can create hurricanes with her stories, and a soldier with ink in his veins is destined to kill her.


If Once Upon a Time was set in college. Every Century Jack must deliver a sleeping curse to Rose. But he's falling in love with her.

M Y  W A T T P A D  P R O F I L E

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