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Snarky Angels. Bad boy Omens. Dangerous Demons. And a deal with the Devil.

When pre-law student Rachel uses the free WiFi on a night out, she doesn’t expect to accidentally sign away her soul to the Devil. Or to end up interning at his L.A. based soul-trading company, Devils Inc. Because who reads the terms and conditions, right?

But soon demons are trying to kill her, the undead are pestering her for legal advice, and she discovers Devils Inc. want her soul for a dark purpose. If she is going to survive, she must secretly team up with a snarky Angel and a morally dubious (and irritatingly hot) Bad Omen. Because someone has stolen the Revelation Scrolls.

And if they can’t find out who, or what it has to do with Rachel, then all Hell will break loose. Literally. Because the scrolls will summon Lucifer, trigger a war between Heaven and Hell, and bring about the Apocalypse.

It seems the end is nigh. . .


Perfect for fans of Lucifer and Buffy.


Pre-order links for Kindle are now live! 

(Paperback links will be available 13th Nov)

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"Are you telling me I just exchanged my immortal, undying soul for free WiFi?"
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"I can give you your heart's desire. But first you need to show me that you're mine."

W H A T  R E A D E R S  A R E  S A Y I N G !

"A freaking amazing, hilarious, emotional journey!"


"One of the best books I've ever read!" 


"A rollercoaster of romance, mystery, and paranormalcy. The twists are phenomenal!"


"I am hooked on the writing style and world building!"


"I was grinning so hard my cheeks started to hurt!"


"Crow's diabolical character is game changing!"


"A supernatural thrill ride!"


"The moral of the story: NEVER USE PUBLIC WIFI!"


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"The end is nigh, boys!"

A D D  T O  G O O D R E A D S


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